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  • Traveling with a Mac Book

    I recently returned from a trip to Europe (GMT+2) to the West Coast (PT). Upon returning I noticed that none of my Two-factor (MFA) codes were accepted by either Cloudflare or AWS. I had not restarted my MacBook since leaving Europe. It seems to me that the internal clock which is used to calculate the current MFA code is not reset when switching time zones, thus producing invalid codes. A restart of the computer fixed this issue.

  • Silicon Valley Photos

    Marcus Kazmierczak has great photos of the Silicon Valley on his homepage. Definitely worth checking them out.

  • 2023 Rain

    Rain started in the Bay Area yesterday.

  • Ruby Testing Server Part Two

    Following from my post from 2022 about testing Rails application with a static server, I wanted to mock an API during a test. The reason for this is that I like to keep the external dependencies to a minimum.

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  • July 4 2023

    Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA on 4th of July weekend Happy 4th of July from San Francisco!

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