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Better feeds with JSONfeed

It seems that there is finally a format which can replace the old and often ugly looking XML documents. JsonFeed is dead-simple and provides the same functionality as XML based feeds. This simple example illustrates how nice and clean feeds in JSON can look like:

	"version": "",
	"title": "My Example Feed",
	"home_page_url": "",
	"feed_url": "",
	"items": [
			"id": "2",
			"content_text": "This is a second item.",
			"url": ""
			"id": "1",
			"content_html": "<p>Hello, world!</p>",
			"url": ""
In the next days/weeks I will update this blog, which runs on Jekyll, and serve a JSONFeed for those interested.

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is an experienced Software Engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He started this website in late 2015, mostly as a digital business card. He is interested in Go, Python, Ruby, SQL- and NoSQL-databases, machine learning and AI and is experienced in building scalable, distributed systems and micro-services at multiple larger and smaller companies.