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Today, I am launching I was always looking for a solution to keep a journal which is online but private - something which is very hard to find across all the available social networks. The following features are essential to me:

  • A quick way to write down a thought, long or short
  • Ability to upload and annotate pictures
  • Location history
These kinds of data is obviously very sensitive and I believe some things should stay private. For this reason I created Writic. I wanted to create the ability to access this data from anywhere where there is internet and also at the same time offer access from the smartphone as well as the browser. Many of the apps I have tested do either one thing only or are full of features I don’t really require. With Writic, I am trying to keep it simple and avoid any clutter, especially ads and selling of any personal data. I am planning to keep it initially free of charge and later introduce either a pay-what-you-want or a minimal fee like $1/month, depending on the user base. Another option I am considering is a “pro” version with more advanced features. Things I am currently considering for the roadmap are:
  • Favorite posts, to give the ability to highlight certain entries in the future
  • Throwbacks, showing favorite posts or an “on this day”-feature
  • Mood Tracker, to keep track of the mood throughout the day. This can either be a manual approach with three smilies or something automated like sentiment analysis.

About the author

is an experienced Software Engineer with a Master's degree in Computer Science. He started this website in late 2015, mostly as a digital business card. He is interested in Go, Python, Ruby, SQL- and NoSQL-databases, machine learning and AI and is experienced in building scalable, distributed systems and micro-services at multiple larger and smaller companies.