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Electric Closet

I never liked having the router in full display in the living room. I routed the fiber connection into a closet in our hallway with the plan on making this a “tech closet”. I had to route electricity to the closet and install some shelves. The goal was to have a space for the router, my printer (that I only use ocassionally), some other hardware like a Raspberry Pi and to be able to charge a Dyson vacuum cleaner. The (almost) finished closet. The cover plate for the outlet was not available at the time. I connected the outlets with Wago connectors before installing them. This avoided having to install the outlets in an awkward position and sped the whole process up significantly. View from below The view from below. I used normal wood screws to attach the boards to the wall. Time will tell if this is sufficient. In case this is not stable enough: Behind the drywall are some studs at exactly the same position. View in the left corner from below Smaller, divided boards I chose to have some board divided in the middle and not spanning the whole depth of the closet. This allows flexibility and also to store bigger items.

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