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  • Rails testing with static server

    I wanted to test some part of my application that performs HTTP requests against a different website. Now, for testing, I didn’t want to perform actual outside HTTP calls because they tend to become flaky if the internnet becomes unstable or when the remote resource is not available. Another reason, why I didn’t want to use the rails server and their static files, is that I didn’t want to serve those files in production. So I decided to write my own static file server.

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  • New York Times Story Portrait

    New York Time Story Portrait Really clever from the New York Times. You can create your own here.

  • Improving Search Engine Optimization

    As the final step in this very small series I tried improving the SEO (search engine optimization) score for my start page. I started out with a good score of 92. As usual, my goal was 100. Lighthouse score of 92 for

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  • Improving Website Accessibility

    Continuing from before, I wanted to improve the accessibility on this website as much as possible. The initial Lighthouse run gave me a score of around 82, which is not too bad, but I definitely wanted to improve it.

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  • Improving Page Speed

    One important thing for a good user experience is a fast website. Google offers the free tool Page Speed Insights. Running it initially on my website I already have a score of 99, which is pretty good. In the past I already spent a fair amount of time optimizing the bigger problems. Google Page Speed score of 99 I looked at the tips to improve the page speed even further. There are four things that Google considers currently in need of improvement on this page.

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