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  • My minimal CoreDNS config

    I am using the following minimal CoreDNS config, savd as Corefile. This applies a one hour cache to all requests before forwarding the to the Google DNS servers. All requests are logged to stdout. In my setup this saves me about 20ms for every DNS roundtrip and improves my internet speed by quite a bit.

    . {
        cache 3600
        forward .

  • Free fonts for private and commercial use

    A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Fontshare. This website offers free fonts for private and commercial use and is worth checking out. From their terms:

    Fontshare fonts are 100% free for personal and commercial use, however, they�re not open-source and are governed by an ITF EULA. […]

  • Access private repositories in Go

    Good article how to access a private repository via go get. TLDR: For SSH access:

    $ git config --global url."[email protected]:".insteadOf ""
    $ cat ~/.gitconfig
    [url "[email protected]:"]
     insteadOf =

  • Sunday Afternoon in the Bay Area

    Sunday Afternoon in the Bay Area with clouds Last Sunday afternoon was cloudy, not very crowded but nevertheless good weather.

  • Temporary Namespace for Kubernetes

    To set a temporary namespace for k8s simply create an alias like so:

    alias k='kubectl -n NAMESPACE '
    Then use it:
    k get pods
    After the shell session ends it is set to default.

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