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  • Access private repositories in Go

    Good article how to access a private repository via go get. TLDR: For SSH access:

    $ git config --global url."[email protected]:".insteadOf ""
    $ cat ~/.gitconfig
    [url "[email protected]:"]
     insteadOf =

  • Sunday Afternoon in the Bay Area

    Sunday Afternoon in the Bay Area with clouds Last Sunday afternoon was cloudy, not very crowded but nevertheless good weather.

  • Temporary Namespace for Kubernetes

    To set a temporary namespace for k8s simply create an alias like so:

    alias k='kubectl -n NAMESPACE '
    Then use it:
    k get pods
    After the shell session ends it is set to default.


    Nice visualization of the new infections by state: Update 2022/05/10: The website is no longer active and I removed the link.

  • Apple's COVID Mobility Data

    Apple’s data has now been published as an R package. The visualizations for the linked blog post can be found in this repository.

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