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  • Leetcode: Binary tree level order traversal

    Given the root node of a binary tree, print all values in order, meaning from left to right on the same level. To solve this, we can use the standard breadth-first-search (BFS) algorithm in an iterative fashion with a queue. As an output we use a list and leverage the position -1 to add the current level to the list. For every level we append one new element to the end of the list.

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  • Leetcode: Valid sudoku

    Given a Sudoku field as a two-dimension list, determine if the field is valid. A valid field only has the number 1-9 once in each sub-field, each row, and each column. The field is not completely filled and we don’t need to check for a valid solution.

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  • Leetcode: Top k frequent elements

    Given a list nums and a positive integer k, return the top k frequent items from the list. A time complexity constraint is not given for this task.

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  • Leetcode: Find peak element

    Given an array n of integers, find one peak in O(log*n) time. A peak is defined as a number where the two numbers immediately left and right are strictly less than the number. Numbers outside of the bounds of this array are considered to be smaller.

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  • Leetcode: Minimum Stack

    Create a stack implementation that is able to return the minimum element as well as push and pop elements, all in constant time O(1).

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